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Purely Overnight Oats

Whole grain rolled oats soaked overnight with yogurt, oat milk, fresh fruits and nuts. Best enjoyed for breakfast, as a meal replacement, or for pre/post workout. Served cold and ready to eat in a jar.

  • Serving size:
    160 gr & 280 gr
  • In Fridge:
    Expires in 7 days


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Purely Granola

A healthy breakfast or snack food, our superfood-filled granolas are best consumed with your milk of choice, plain yogurt or by itself.

  • Serving size:
    160 gr & 340 gr
  • Store in cool, dry place:
    Expires in 1 - 3 months
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Purely Parfait


Three layers of greek yogurt parfait goodness topped with fresh fruits and nuts period.

  • Serving size:
    160 grams
  • Store in fridge:
    Expires in 5 days
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Purely Guilt-Free Desserts

Incredibly tasty desserts free of refined sugar, dairy, gluten and preservatives. You wouldn’t believe it’s healthy!

  • Serving size:
    whole cake or mini
  • Store in Freezer:
    Expires in 1 month
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Purely Smoothies

Fully blended, not cold pressed. Our fruit and veggie smoothies
retain 100% of the pulp, which increases keeps fibers and vitamins
intact. No added sugars or preservatives.
  • Serving size:
    250 ml
  • Store in fridge:
    4 days
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Purely Raw Organic Honey

Unheated, unprocessed and raw honey locally sourced from Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi. Deep and rich, the honey has notes of chocolate, cherries and coffee. Best drizzled over muesli or eaten by the spoonful to boost immunity.

  • Serving size:
    240 gr
  • Store in cool, dry place
    No exp date





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We Believe in Simplicity
High quality foods, wholesome ingredients and loving hands
  • No artificial colors and flavors
  • No refined sugar and hydrogenated oils
  • No preservatives and additives
  • Yes to fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients
  • Yes to thoughtful sourcing
  • Yes to delicious, unique flavors

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The body is your temple, keep it pure and clean
for the soul to reside in.
~ BKS Iyengar
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